The world is more stressful than ever. In these times of hectic commutes, negative news stories and tragic world events, it is more important than ever to create a sanctuary in your own home.

Imagine walking through your front door and being greeted by tranquility, calm and peace (rather than more stress). Not only will this have positive effects on your mind, a calm and peaceful home can create a sense of overall wellbeing. A relaxing space in your own home can relieve stress, benefit your mental health and improve your physical health.

Here are a few of our ideas for creating a tranquil home.

  • Surround yourself with beauty and things that you love

Have a look around your home and assess all of the things that you can see. Is there art on the walls that you don’t enjoy? Do you dislike the plates and cups that you use on a daily basis? Are the books on the shelf ones that you don’t really care for? If these examples (and more) are the case, it’s time to take action. Get rid of the things in your home that you don’t love. By surrounding yourself with things that you find beautiful, your space will feel special and unique.

  • Declutter your space

Continuing on from the point above, it is important to create a space that is minimal and clean in order to declutter your mind and increase your wellbeing. Remove the stacks of junk mail, the cosmetics cluttering your bathroom counter and the condiments next to the hob. Ahh – that’s better!

  • A Himalayan Salt Lamp can help you unwind

Certain lifestyle products can really help you to relax and unwind, creating a space that is calm and peaceful. Consider purchasing a Himalayan Salt Lamp, a column of mineral laden rock salt that casts a lovely pink and orange glow to the room. Another benefit? It releases negative ions into the air, and attracts and neutralises bacteria. A true win/ win.

  • A sense of smell can transform your mood

An aromatherapy diffuser will release essential oils into the air, both adding a lovely smell and lifting your mood in a natural way. Using an aroma diffuser can also create a healthier indoor environment, neutralising bacteria and purifying the air.

  • Spring cleaning – more than just once a year!

When you want to create a space of wellbeing in your home, it’s a great idea to keep things neat and tidy. After you declutter the rooms in your space, it’s time to use some elbow grease and get cleaning. Removing the toxins and dirt in all of the nooks and crannies will keep your home sanitary, clean and calm.